Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Spinal manipulation, or an adjustment, is a common method used by chiropractors to elicit an immediate change in the position of a joint for the purpose of restoring range of motion, improving the mobility of the joint, and decreasing pain signals. The chiropractor will palpate for joint restrictions and then perform a high velocity, low amplitude thrust. Occasionally a sound is heard during this procedure that is simply gas bubbles being released from the joint capsule.

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Contemporary medical acupuncture is a technique which uses acupuncture needles inserted into specifically defined anatomical tissues to create nervous stimulation for the purpose of modulating pain pathways at three different locations: locally in the tissue, segmentally from the spinal nerves supplying the spinal cord, and centrally at the level of the brain and spinal cord. The approach is neurofunctional, meaning that the practitioner first finds dysfunctions in anatomical areas and creates a plan to target the nerves supplying the area to restore function.

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GrowCo Postpartum Rehabilitation

At GrowCo, we believe moms deserve more than just a 6-week checkup when it comes to recovery after childbirth. GrowCo experts fill that gap by providing a comprehensive postpartum checkup and progressive healing through exercise targeting the core, pelvic floor and total body.

Our methodology is aimed at preventing, reducing, and/or resolving symptoms women have been made to think are an inevitable consequence of childbirth. GrowCo Rehabilitation is currently being done in person on an individualized basis; however- we hope to incorporate in-person classes as soon as we are able to safely. To find out more head to growcorehab.com.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

IASTM is a manual therapy which uses specifically designed tools for three main purposes: to break up abnormal densities in the tissues (adhesions), to stimulate the nervous system, and to initiate first-stage healing in the body. Different methods of using these tools are selected by the practitioner based on which tissue dysfunction is present. These range from trigger points in the muscle, to neural tension, to scarring & fibroses.

Muscle Release Therapy

Muscle release therapy (MRT) is an adjunctive therapy which involves finding taut bands of musculature and using a combination of pressure and active lengthening of a muscle to it’s stretched position for the purpose of loosening the tissues to enable free and painless movement between the several layers of muscle and surrounding fascia.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is an adjunctive modality used by practitioners to reduce pain and speed up the healing process in the tissues by creating microcirculation locally. This in turn accelerates the rate at which tissues are repairing and results in not only a reduction of pain, but also decreases local inflammation and edema. Laser can be used in conjunction with other therapies for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Rehabilitation/Home Exercise Programs

Rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery in almost all musculoskeletal conditions. At Victoria Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we provide patients with individualized home exercise programs to help restore function, improve mobility and range of motion, strengthen muscles, enhance cardiovascular health, and perform their activities of daily living. We find out which area should be worked on at home and create this program with the patient’s goals and exercise preferences in mind.


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