Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking out the launching of my website. I am looking forward to what the future holds at Victoria Chiropractic.

When I moved to Toronto for school, I was sure that I would not return to Windsor afterwards; however, over time as I started to realize that Windsor’s actually pretty great! Not only did I want to live and work close to family and friends, I wanted to serve a population who appreciates all that chiropractors and other complementary medicine practitioners provide. When looking for a space to start the adventure of opening my own practice, my sights fell on the old building at Victoria Avenue and Erie Street West. I found out about the restoration being done on the building and wanted to be part of it. I also found that this neighbourhood was underserved in chiropractic care. While speaking with some of the neighbours, all expressed interest in having a chiropractor only a short walk from their homes. Several communities, such as the Downtown Community Collaborative, are working to build this neighbourhood of South Central, Windsor, to support both its citizens and local businesses. My role in this will be to provide patients, through chiropractic care, with both treatment and the appropriate tools to both achieve a pain-free life and to encourage future wellness.

I will keep you all posted with tricks of the trade, relevant research publications, and ongoings about the clinic. If you ever have questions, please reach out! I’d be happy to hear from you.